Taking an Exclusive Look at Esqueleto Explosivo Online Slot

Esqueleto Explosivo slot is an online casino game from Thunderkick developers which takes for its theme the Mexican Day of the Dead. Thunderkick has revved up the action by including features like exploding wilds and dropping symbols, and players are able to significantly increase their winnings by taking advantage of these as they occur.

The dropping symbols have all the icons which contribute to a win vanishing from the screen as the payline is formed, and then being replaced by those directly above them, with the appropriate multiplier added to the winnings increasing each time this occurs. This multiplier can reach a total as high as 32. The wild for the game will have icons near it exploding, giving players another chance to form a winning combo.

Graphics for Esqueleto Explosivo slot

Thunderkick slots developers are well-known for the exceptional quality of the visuals for their games, and Esqueleto Explosivo slot is no exception. The very well-rendered graphics and first-class animations serve to immerse the player directly into the game, no matter where he or she may be accessing it from, and the reels, set against a colourful streetscape in Mexico, are complemented by an amusing Mariachi-styled soundtrack.

Theme for Esqueleto Explosivo Slot

Esqueleto Explosivo slot invites players from all around the world to participate in the famous celebration of the Mexican Day of the Dead, and the name for the game is translated roughly as exploding skeleton –these being a big feature of the holiday itself, whether intact or no. Players are invited to wager from between 0.10 to 100, and like keno at https://canadiancasinoonline.org/keno, it is available for playing on mobile devices as well. The betting range manages to please players of every wagering preference, and the fact that it allows for gambling on the go means that it is proving wildly popular all around the world.

Thunderkick’s pioneering approach to slots game development is once again evident in Esqueleto Explosivo slot, which features several brilliantly coloured skills dropping down onto Enrico Mortis and The Boners, his mariachi band of five musician-skeletons, instead of the traditional reels. If the skulls do not provide a winning combo, they drop down to the floor and are replaced by another batch.

Should the player manage to make a winning combination from his or her coloured skulls the dropping symbols features becomes active. Any skulls that make up the combo will vanish and the symbols directly above these will drop down in order to replace them. In addition to making extra winnings, each of these consecutive wins will increase the multiplier of the winning amount. It starts off as a multiplier of one and from there goes to two; four; eight and 16, with a maximum multiplication of 32 times available.

The multiplier will also increase if the wild symbol for Esqueleto Explosivo slot appears, an icon which is able to have the eight symbols closest to it exploding, once again triggering the drop down symbol feature. Each time this factor appears it will increase the multiplier, and allow the player another chance to grab a higher payout.

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