Cubis Slot Guide for Casino Players Online

If you’re looking for a truly unique and vibrantly colourful experience then Cubis online slots is a must play title. This action packed puzzle blaster has a similar feel and style to one of history’s greatest ever, Tetris. As the name suggests, Cubis is a three-dimensional slot game that operates just like a familiar slot title.

Cubis is different from other titles as it allows for winning combinations along three axes. Cubis features 15 paylines on three 5×5 grids and the goal is to line up four or more (up to ten) of the same coloured cubes. However you are not limited to a single direction on the face of the cube. Paylines can transcend direction meaning a winning combination can cross faces. Once a winning combination has been made the aligned cubes will vanish and new coloured cubes will pop up into their place allowing for further winning combinations.

Developed by Cryptologic, Cubis features a healthy blast of colour which does not distract or take the players attention away from the on-screen happenings. The multi-coloured cubes are subtle adding a nice change of pace from other slot titles available. The graphics are simple and unobtrusive; set in an animated underwater environment, Cubis will make you feel like you are looking for lost treasure.

Game Features

Cubis features seven different colour cubes that have different values. From Lowest to highest value there is yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green and diamond cubes available. The diamond shaped cube is what you will be hunting for most of the time, as it is rare and has the highest value. Land ten of these in a row and win 4000x your line stake.

At first glance the three way cuboid face can be intimidating. However don’t let this put you off, Cubis is simple and easy to get the hang of. Press play once and you’re already in the mix. Like other slots at this online based platform, this slot also features bonus symbols and rewards you for making winning combinations. This keeps things interesting and allows for a good balance between serious slot fun and relaxation, which is important in an online slot title.

Bonus Symbols

Cubis keeps things interesting by offering bonus cubes during game play. There is a wild dice feature, a line bomb, square bomb and a nuclear bomb.

Wild Dice Symbol

The wild dice multiplier is the wild symbol and has the ability to substitute any cube in the game. When the wild dice multiplier randomly appears on the reels it will indicate a different value of multiplier on either side. By including the multiplier in a winning spin the value of the multiplier will take effect. Using the wild dice gives you the opportunity of winning the grand jackpot of 10 000 coins.

Line Bomb

The line bomb has the ability to shoot balls of fire in four directions, which destroys cubes at 90-degree angles on the same face of the cube. Once these cubes have been destroyed new cubes will be replenished allowing for more winning combinations on the board.  This bonus symbol will not take effect until there are no more winning combinations left.

Square Bomb

The square bomb is like a cleaner; it destroys all cubes on the face of the board wherever it is located. Like the line bomb, the square bomb will only take effect once there are no more winning combinations left.

Nuclear Bomb

The nuclear bomb is by far the best bonus symbol. This bomb will destroy all 75 cubes on the face of the board, allowing for even more winning combinations.

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