An Extensive Review of Barber Shop Online and Mobile Casino Slot

Barber Shop slot, created by Thunderkick is an exciting and unique online casino game. This slot uses a classic five reel system, and requires the player to make an initial bet, then spin the reels and hope that matching sequences are formed. In order to create matching sequences, at least three of a specific icon must be in a row. Take note, however, that based on the lines in play, icons need not be directly adjacent for a winning sequence to be formed.

User Friendly Interface

Barber Shop slot is designed to be a user-friendly experience, with an interface that is easy to understand. It has been designed to be played on home computer and mobile device, with all the buttons working via a one touch system. At the bottom of the screen you will see a balance window, which informs how much money the player currently has in their account. There is also a bet window, which indicates how much is being bet on the current spin. This can be changed by accessing the menu, then tapping the bet icon as in many Android slots at

The sound icon, represented by a speaker, will allow the music and sound effects to be adjusted. Take note also of the auto spin button, which will trigger a series of automatic spins. You may select the number of spins to be taken, which will play out with no input required from the player. The spin button, represented by a circular arrow, will take a single manual spin. If you would like more information about the game, its user interface, or its winning system, you may contact the customer support centre of the website on which you play. You may also tap the menu button, and the paytable button, for a more detailed account of the possible winning sequences.

Icons and Specials

Barber Shop slot game uses a unique collection of delightful icons, featuring cartoon men in need of a shave and haircut. When three of these icons are aligned, they will be locked off and the remaining reels will spin. If more of the same icon land adjacent to those already locked off, they will be added and the remaining reels will spin. This will continue until no more matches are made, and those locked off will pay out. Note that the bonus icon, razor icon, and shaving foam icons may be added to these sequences for larger payouts.

Free Play or Real Play

Barber Shop slot can be played for completely free, without the user ever having to pay a single cent. In order to do this, simply log into the game on your desktop, or start playing on your mobile device, and an amount of virtual currency will be granted. You may use this virtual currency as you wish, although please note the total amount will not be carried from game to game. If you would like to play the game using real money, an account will have to be created. This can be done simply by clicking the appropriate link and entering the required details. Once an account is active, log into it with the correct details, and then make a deposit using your banking details.

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