Online Casino Blackjack Strategy

If you are a keen online casino fan, then you will know just how easy and convenient it is to play your favourite casino games for free any time you want. Unlike land based casinos, all top-rated online casinos give players the option of playing any slot or table game for free at any time. This means players can hone their skills and practice playing all those high risk games like poker and blackjack. When players feel they have gained enough experience, they can simply swap over to playing for real money. For blackjack fans especially, this is a great way to get started without the threat of losing large sums of money. In the notes below we are going to explore the best blackjack strategy for online blackjack whether you play for free or for real money.

Before you Play

If you want to get started playing blackjack for real money, the first thing you are going to need to do is sign up with a reputable online casino. The casino you sign up with will make a significant impact on your overall experience. While this may not be a blackjack strategy in relation to the game itself, it is still a major part of playing online. It is best to choose a online casino that offers a high percentage payout on table games, as well as offering good bonuses and a large selection of banking options at

Hand Categories

If you are new to the game of online blackjack Canada or you are just looking for a decent blackjack strategy, there are a simple set of rules that can significantly increase the chances of winning a hand. The strategies shown below are based on specific hands. These hands can be identified quickly and will help determine what course of action should be taken. Hands can be split into three categories namely soft hand, hard hands and Pairs.

  • Soft hands are hand that contain an ace coupled with any other card from 2-9
  • Hard hands are hand that do not contain an ace at all
  • Pars are hand that contain two cards of the same value

Basic Blackjack Strategies

If you receive a soft hand, the blackjack strategy is as follows:

  • Stand if you have 19 or higher
  • Hit if you have 17 or lower
  • If you have either an 18 or a 13, double up only if the dealers card is 5 or 6
  • If you have 18 and the dealer shows 6 or less, then hit
  • If you have 18 and the dealer shows 7 or more, then stand

If you have a hard hand, the blackjack strategy is as follows:

  • Hit if you have 9 or less
  • If you have 9 or 10, then double down
  • If you have 12-16, hit if the dealer shows 7, if not, then stand
  • Stand if you have 17 or higher

If you have pairs, the following blackjack strategy applies:

  • Do not split 10’s, 4’s, or 5’s
  • It is best to split a pair of aces or 8’s
  • Split all the other pairs when the dealer shows 6 or less

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