Get Ready to Playing iPad Craps Online with Our Exclusive Guide

Dice are one of humanity’s oldest symbols of luck and fate, and nowhere is the reason for this more obvious than in the classic casino game of craps. For more than 200 years, players have enjoyed the thrill of placing different bets on rolls of dice for massive wins.

Players can enjoy the same action and suspense at home, at the office, or when on the run, with first class versions of iPad craps. Available for gaming entertainment at online and mobile casinos powered by award-winning software developers, these games are optimised for tablet format.

The easy to navigate interfaces, bright graphics, clear designs, impressive sound effects, and smooth playing action make these games a perfect 21st Century update of a classic game of chance.

Play Flash Casino Games or Download Apps

With No Download and Download playing options for iPad craps, the game has become more accessible than ever before. Players no longer need to visit a land-based casino or games hall to bet on the outcomes of rolls of dice.

Playing the Flash versions of the games at top quality online casinos does not require players to download anything. All players need to enjoy the instant access to great gaming offered by this option is an active internet connection.

Downloading the apps for iOS devices at these sites is the recommended option, as players will enjoy not only a bigger range of mobile games, but streamlined player services and other features as well.

About iPad Craps

iPad craps is a digital age version of a classic dice game that developed in the 19th Century. Craps owes its origins to a far older English game called Hazard.

The digital version of the game uses the same rules and playing format as found in land-based casinos. The table is marked with specific betting areas, and it is the placement of chips in these areas that determines the payouts.

Players bet on the outcome of one roll or of a number of rolls of two six-sided dice. In iPad craps, the virtual dice and the results they produce are controlled by certified random number generator programmes.

At the start of a round, players use the bet button to place their opening bets. The bets in this game are known by sometimes unusual names, such as Any Craps, Any Seven, Pass Line, Don’t Come Bar, Don’t Pass Bar, Come, Big Six, Big Eight, Field Bet, Buy Bet, Hardway Bet, Lay Bet, and Place Bet to Lose.

Once players have placed their bets, the dice will be rolled, and the results of the two individual dice be added together to produce the roll score. The individual numbers are important when it comes to certain bets; a nine made up of a three and a six is different to a nine made up of a four and a five.

The most basic and common of the iPad bets is the Pass Line bet, which pays out at even money if the first roll results in a seven or 11. If the roll results in a two, three, or 12, the player loses the bet.

If any other number is rolled, that number becomes the Point. When the Point has been determined, players can Take the Odds by placing an Odds bet below their Pass Line bets. If the Point is rolled a second time before a seven is rolled, the Pass Line bet will pay out at even money.

Play this classic game for free or with real money for massive wins at top online casinos offering iOS optimised entertainment.

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