Let’s Take a Look at Slot Releases in 2014 by WMS

2014 was a big year for WMS, who have established themselves as a leader in the online slot game industry. Since the companies original inception they have brought many innovative and unique games to a highly competitive arena, not only producing slot game titles that are acclaimed for graphics and sound design technology, but also for titles that push established boundaries in terms of user interface and game play.

A number of new slot games were released by WMS in 2014, many of which are now considered classics. Plus, a few old games were given a fresh coat of paint in that same year, bringing them forward into a new generation of technology. Here is an overview of new WMS slots releases for 2014.

Great Zeus

First in an overview of new WMS slot releases for 2014 is Great Zeus. The Zeus series of casino slot games is something WMS are well known for. Each title features impressive, high resolution graphics, perfect for showing off the imaginative character designs. Zeus, Loki and Apollo are all present and counted for, and each is brought to life with the now trademark comic book style artwork.

The latest game, Great Zeus, was realised in early 2014, and immediately met a chorus of praise. Yes, the graphics were once again impressive, and special effects something straight out of a Marvel action movie, including dazzling lightening effects that accompanied each bonus mini-game. But what made Great Zeus most unique was the game play choices.

The Bonus Guarantee system allowed players to guarantee at least ten times their initial wager if a bonus game was triggered, meaning that flat bonus rounds that produced nothing were done away with. Of course, the Bonus Guarantee system was only triggered if the player bet the maximum amount at the beginning of the spin, but this only added to the already highly strategic game play.

Lady Godiva

Second in an overview of new WMS slot releases for 2014 is Lady Godiva. Lady Godiva was released later in 2014, after Great Zeus, and yes, it featured extremely tasteful nudity. If a person can even consider a woman showing as much skin as the average person around a public swimming pool nudity. Still, the game was met with predictable controversy, although this quickly died down and people got busy actually playing the game. The game itself was a failry standard affair, although it was quick to adopt the Bonus Guarantee system introduced by Great Zeus.


Next in an overview of new WMS slot releases for 2014 is Spider-Man. The Spider-Man slot game was a surprise for many, since it is never clear these days who owns the rights to which comic character. Most assumed WMS had no rights to Spider-Man, but this assumption was shattered with the Spider-Man release in mid 2014. And, as it turns out, WMS certainly took advantage to make the most of the license agreement.

The Spider-Man slot game featured a mini-game in which Spidey does battle with the Green Goblin in epic style, dazzling comic book fans and slot game veterans alike. Whether WMS will release another Spider-Man game in the future remains to be seen. And that thought concludes an overview for new WMS slot releases for 2014.

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