The Evolution Of Mobile Casinos Reviewed

From the early 1990s and the introduction of the first online casino, online gambling has come great lengths to a point of nearly overtaking the player base of physical establishments, a huge part of online gambling today is performed on our mobile phones.

How did mobile casinos garner the popularity they have today? In this article we will look into how mobile casinos became a mainstay for gamblers around the world and precursors allowed this to happen.

Where It Came From

Online casinos in general existed well before casinos came to our mobile devices, this played a crucial role in setting the ground work for mobile casino implementation. Without the security and payment abilities that came with original online casinos, a casino in your pocket would never have been possible.

Fortunately, online casinos as a whole had a massive technological push before mobile technology was advanced enough to host the games we enjoy today. As time went on into the early 2000s, the obvious next step from the desktop at home was the computer in your pocket, convenience being king in our technological age, a new era of casinos was born.

The Connection

WAP is considered the first connection protocol good enough to host applications that needed constant connection to a server. If you were placing bets from around the world, this consistent and reliable connection was crucial. Since WAP we have seen major developments in connection technology allowing more reliable and faster services, allowing for a smoother user experience.


Perhaps the biggest task for mobile and online casinos in general was to gain the trust of the players. While this was an uphill battle from the start, earning the trust of players has helped online casinos grow to the giant industry they are today. In the trust realm for mobile casinos there, are two major factors for casinos to deal with;

  • Security – with people wanting to play with real money, it is an obvious concern as to how online casinos store the money, store payment method information and protect our accounts. Fortunately, online gambling in general is actually quite head of the curve in security, often setting trends and creating new industry leading cyber security methods.
  • RNG (Random Number Generator) – Probably the biggest part of trust when it comes to mobile casinos, is random number generation or how the next number/card is decided. This was the biggest uphill battle for mobile casinos as a large number of the player base had come from physical locations where they could see a physical roulette table or see cards being drawn from the pack.

Thankfully gambling commissions were put into place to help ease players knowing there was strict regulation to the RNG used by mobile casinos. With this comfort, players were more likely to make use of mobile casinos

Mobile casinos have come a long way one of the most viable ways to enjoy online gambling. The mobile casino experience is still growing in size with no end point in sight.

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