Some Aristocrat Slots Games at a Glance

Aristocrat, in business since 2011, is the creator of some well loved online slot games. The company has a well deserved reputation for being a leader in the industry, making games that utilise high quality 3D graphics, excellent soundtracks, and very addictive and rewarding play systems.

In their earlier years, their games may have been far less impressive, with dated graphics and simple artwork, but as time rolled on the quality of their games has increased dramatically. It is not uncommon today to see Aristocrat slots games today with fully animated 3D mascot characters, high resolution images, and intuitive user interface designs. Here is a look at some of the more popular games created by Aristocrat.

Franken Slots Monster

Frankenstein’s monster is a story just about everyone knows, but few guessed it would translate into such a charming slot game. Franken slots Monster is one of those Aristocrat slots games that everyone who plays almost immediately loves.

The fully animated doctor Frankenstein, seen at the bottom of the play area, reacts to the progression of the game, willing the player to help him bring his monster to life. The monster himself, a great lumbering creature, seems oblivious to the goings on around him, but sure reacts when the player hits the bonus and gives him a jolt of energy. All in all, Franken slots Monster is a well created game that deserves its dedicated fan base.

Queen Of The Nile

Queen of the Nile is a legend in its own right, and a slot game that has stood the test of time. It is well known for being the very first game to use multiple betting lines, which was an extraordinary innovation at the time. This is one of the Aristocrat slots games, however, that started out in real world casinos, and has since been ported to online casinos due to popular demand.

Queen of the Nile was followed up by Queen of the Nile 2, and both games are highly popular in online casinos across the world. The classic theme, featuring Cleopatra, pyramids, and other classic Egyptian iconography, is so well known that it has become synonymous for slot games.

Game Of Thrones

With Game of Thrones being one of the most popular shows on television, it was bound to be made into a slot game sooner or later. Aristocrat was happy to do so, and made a slot game that is based in the universe of the television show.

Some say that they are disappointed that only the various factions of the universe are mentioned in the game, and not the most popular characters, but it is a highly popular game regardless, with many players leaping into the action on a daily basis.


Everyone loves the South American masked hero known as Zorro, and as far as Aristocrat slots games go Zorro is one that takes full advantage of its source material. The striking cartoon-ish art style is straight out of a comic, with fair maidens, crossed swords and a moustached villain all to be found in a single slot game. Zorro is the focus of the game, of course, and his image upon a white stallion is sure to bring a smile to the player’s face.

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